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I have spent my entire life working for our Community, as a teacher and coach for Forty years, and now as the President of the Whitehall township Board of Commissioners. I have worked to not raise taxes in our Township for the last Five years, while at the same time reducing our Garbage fees by 30%.  Fiscal Sanity is a must on every government level, and I pledge to work to make sure your tax dollars are spent effectively to better the lives of all our citizens of Lehigh County.  As a father and grandfather, I know how important maintaining  a quality of life in preserving our open spaces, and encouraging our ever expanding recreational facilities.  I will work hard to communicate with all our citizens and fellow Government officials, with an open door policy which promises to treat all people with RESPECT!  I would appreciate your support and Vote on November 7th.

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--Phillips M. Armstrong

Phillips Armstrong & Family
Phillips Armstrong & Family

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